John S. Smith, Jr.

John S. Smith, Jr.

Prestige Healthcare Resources

John S. Smith, Jr., RN, BSN is the founder of Prestige Healthcare Resources (PHR) an In-home care, Case management, Mental health, and Staffing agency company focusing on enhancing the lifestyle of health care professionals and advocating for the underserved and fragile population.

Mr. Smith has a humble beginning. He came to the United States as an immigrant after various setbacks and rejections starting from exposure to over ten years of ravaging civil war in Liberia to a “near-miss” personal injury while working at a menial job in the United States. Despite countless setbacks, Mr. Smith is determined to be successful, make a difference, and be the best in what he does. Hence, his nickname “No Excuse Guy” is not a coincidence.

Mr. Smith Graduated with an associate degree in nursing at Prince Georges’s Community College and then a bachelor’s degree in nursing at the University of Maryland, Baltimore.

After graduating, he went on to work in various hospital settings and specialties. He worked as a Telemetry Nurse, Medical/Surgical Nurse, Operating Room Nurse, Psychiatric nurse, hospice nurse, home health nurse, and community health nurse. Despite working at various health care settings and specialties, his true love and compassion are being an entrepreneur, creating jobs, and advocating for the underserved, fragile senior population.

While working in various healthcare settings, Mr. Smith noticed disparities in the healthcare industry, which fueled his desire to found Prestige Healthcare Resources in 2009 with the objective of advocating for seniors and underserved populations. Within years of Mr. Smith's leadership, Prestige expanded into three different states and become one of the prime case management and mental health providers in the District of Columbia.

In order to better serve and meet the moral obligation of advocating for the underserved population in our community, PHR initiated a 501 © 3 foundation called “A little More Support” with the mission of providing additional community resources for the underserved population.

Mr. Smith is a writer and a best seller author of the following books: “Their Independence, Your Peace of Mind: A Checklist For Keeping Elderly Parents in Their Own Home”; “And aging in Place: Insight and Advice on Maintaining an Independent Lifestyle”; and “Freedom At Last: How to Overcome What’s Holding You Back from Getting What You Want!”

Outside of work, Mr. Smith enjoys spending time with his family, working out, playing tennis, ping-pong, and Volleyball.

Mr. Smith has been invited for speaking engagements on numerous occasions to tell his stories to the world, to help individuals and companies learn the secrets of “How to Use Rejections as YOUR Weapon for Success”. He has been an inspirational icon for new companies, new employees, students, and people on the corporate ladder.

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