Alexia is a seasoned professional with a rich and diverse career spanning various technical and analytical roles.  She has an interest in health informatics and how data can be used to improve patient outcomes.  Currently, she works as a Software Upgrade Engineer at Beckman Coulter, where she manages, coordinates, and performs quarterly upgrades of the diagnostic cloud based middleware for a customer install base that is worldwide.  Daily, she uses her expertise in SQL querying, Amazon Web Services, and the internal cloud console to accomplish her job duties. Her proficiency in data analysis is evident through her development of custom Microsoft Power BI dashboards and visualizations which are often used in leadership meetings. Beyond Alexia’s role at Beckman Coulter, she has excelled as a Technical Applications Specialist for a medical device company, a Toxicologist for the DC Medical Examiner’s Office, and as a field Chemist for a Hazardous Materials Chemical company.  Through these various roles she has developed a passion for data and how it can be leveraged in healthcare and public health.  With her rich experience and analytical prowess, Alexia is now poised to excel in the field of health informatics as a Data Analyst, leveraging her impressive track record of delivering results.

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