Job Posting Public Health Analyst GS-0685-12/13

The Public Health Analyst, GS-0685-12/13 (Schedule A COVID 19) announcement is now posted on ONC Careers webpage for you to share with eligible candidates.  The Public Notice Link provided below will take applicants directly to the job posting and provide specific information concerning the position and application procedures.  Since this announcement (public notice) is not posted on USAJOBS, the applicants are instructed to submit their documents to the HCB mailbox.  The resumes will be saved in the Shared Certificate folder Schedule A COVID 19 Resumes every Thursday for your review.
As we previously mentioned, this is a Temporary, Not to Exceed (NTE) one year appointment and may be extended an additional year for a total of 24 months.  This position cannot be converted to a permanent position.  This authority expires March 1, 2023 so all potential selections MUST be submitted by January 3, 2023.  Please click on this link to submit an HC Help Ticket with your potential selection(s):HC Help

NEW Public Health Analyst 

As a Public Health Analyst, you will prepare directives, issuances, memoranda, policy statements, and legislative proposals to introduce new initiatives and to recommend effective operations consistent with overall program objectives.  Collect and compile qualitative and quantitative information and data for use in program decisions, including related to Health IT standards.  Research and prepare responses to ad-hoc or recurring inquiries received in writing or telephonically (e.g., Congressional briefing materials and responses).  Provide technical advice and assistance in monitoring, managing, and evaluating cooperative agreements, grants, and/or awards.

Open Date: September 30, 2022
Close Date: December 2, 2022

Public Notice Link: Public Health Analyst (COVID 19 Schedule A)

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